Swiss Army Knives

Functional. Handy. Must-have. These are just a few ways to describe the Swiss Army knife. Probably the most famous name in multi-tools, Swiss Army knives have everything from a toothpick to a serrated knife, depending on the model and brand. A Swiss Army knife is not only one of the most useful tools a man can have but it also makes an excellent gift. 

Designed for general use or specific purposes such as backpacking, traveling or fix-it tasks, Swiss Army knives are made to be functional and reliable, whatever you use them for. If you're debating which Swiss Army knife model to buy, check out our best pocket knife guide for recommendations on specific knives or read through our all-encompassing pocket knife buying guide to learn everything you need to know about knives.

Swiss Army Knives
Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp, XLT
$224.99 $280.00
Free Shipping
Best Seller
Victorinox Super Tinker Swiss Army Knife
$36.99 $42.50
Victorinox - Swiss Army SwissChamp SOS Set Knife
$159.99 $200.00
Free Shipping
Boker Camp Knife with Black Delrin Handle
$139.99 $188.44
Free Shipping
Victorinox - Swiss Army WorkChamp XL- Red Knife
$199.99 $260.00
Free Shipping
Victorinox SwissTool Spirit with Leather Pouch
$119.99 $144.00
Free Shipping

I simply love this knife like I thought I would, I carry it in my pocket every day.

Very sturdy knife suitable for trail use. All of the tools are located on the ends of the handle, which makes it easier to use than tools that stick out of the middle of the back of the tool. The blade and tools on this knife thicker than most other SAKs. Also, no tools bulge out of the spine of the knife to cause hot spots on your hands. You can use this knife all day comfortably. This knife is a quality tool to last a lifetime.

Extremely well made,strong locking blade. Perfect for all around use. I have used it to shape wood for carving. Easy to use easy to keep sharp. When warmer it will be in tackle box!

Awesome knife. I got this as a gift from my dad. It's very light and the blade is very sharp. I carry it with me everywhere.

By Robert W.
Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Cobalt Blue in Gift Tin

You can't go wrong with this little swiss army knife. I had one before and used it for years for a variety of different tasks. However, I lost it recently and this purchase is to replace the one I lost. The size of this knife fits into my suit or dress pants pocket and doesn' t add any bulk or weight. I carry it to the office and have used it many times to open parcels etc. It gets the job done and does not look threating as would a larger folding knife. I highly recommended this knife for use by a man or woman. It also comes in a variety of colors.

Very nice. The only less attractive feature is that the scissors blades are pretty think, and not good for fine cutting.

By Steve S.
Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Black Lobster

I own most all the SD Classics and the Black Lobster was my last purchase. It, like all the other classics I have purchased has the same great quality as all the others I own. They are fun to collect and look great in my show case. The classic series has fun, bold colors with original art work the makes them a great collectible.

Good, basic tools that snap into place when you need them. No wobble with blades or tools and construction and durability are premier as with all Victorinox tools. To have so many handy tools in the palm of your hand, along with "stay glow" option makes a good knife for me. I also own the "climber" pattern in red, black and silver tech handles. Not for the inexperienced, blades are extremely sharp and care should be used with all these multi tool knives!

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