Throwing Knives

Throwing Knives

Nothing feels better than launching a throwing knife toward a 4-inch bullseye and watching it firmly stick right in the middle. Knife throwing is as much of an art as it is a hobby because it requires concentration, practice and skill that will impress anyone in sight. While you can throw any knife at a target, it won't provide the precision and accuracy of a throwing knife specifically designed for the task.

Our selection of throwing knives has something for knife throwers of all levels and includes everything from throwing axes to throwing cards. If you're interested in becoming skilled in the art of knife throwing, check out our beginners guide to throwing knives for everything you need to know about getting started. Get in on the action with a throwing knife of your own.

Throwing Knife Safety

When learning to use your throwing knife, make sure that your practice area is located in a safe place. You should have a clear view of your surroundings in all directions, so if someone enters the area you can stop throwing your knife. Spectators are always welcome, but they should stand at least 10 feet behind you. Sometimes, a throwing knife can bounce back and could cause injury. And of course, never throw your knives at people or animals.

Love these throwing knives

Nice items, really enjoy them!

Solid product, but design limits you to a handle throw only. Otherwise I would rate the quality as a 5.

These are excellent knives definitely helping me improve my skills as an amateur thrower

Being a retired special op captain who trained with Buddhist monks I found this blade practical & precise, but not worth the price

I am a beginner recreational knife thrower doing it just for fun, but once I got the distance down these knives hit the target every time A+

Love my knives. Have two sets and with the exception of one bent (filed down) tip, no damage after hours of throwing at cottonwood targets. Well balanced, nice sheath, great value.

The knives themselves look great and come with a well fitting holster, but unless you know how to sharpen these properly I wouldn't recommend. The knives arises so dull that the handle drives deeper into the plywood/cardboard/plastic targets I have. Not a huge deal but definitely an inconvenience.