Cold Steel Knives Throwing Knives

Cold Steel Knives Throwing Knives

I have owned several shorter, lighter throwing knives but none of them throw as true or stick as well as this set of Boker's. I absolutely love them and the sheath is well made as well. If you have never thrown a long heavy knife, do yourself a favor and try these.

My fav new thrower.

Quality materials with a unique shape. Easy and fun to throw.

To say that this knife is not a real throwing knife because it is too sharp to throw by the blade, so dulling the blade to make it "really fun to throw" was the answer. Well, this knife is made for both throwing as it is by its handle as well as for the usual duties that a Bowie was designed for. And regardless of what Jim Bowie is shown throwing his blade in the Hollyweird Movies, no one of that era would have the time to take his knife out of his sheath, place it properly with his fingers, hold the blade correctly, then aim it with precision before throwing it at what was coming his way. Pretty much the same today. You take this knife from it's sheath by the handle and throw it if you have time. If not, holding it by the handle will suffice. Another great knife by Cold Steel!

Tough knife that flies true.

New to knife throwing, so this is the first set of throwing knives Iv'e tried. One broke coming off a wood target, after a lot of use. It was probably damaged from a previous (bad) throw, because they seem to be made well.

1) the handles are rounded it doesn't A) dig into your hand B) if they hit each other it's better for the knives 2) They're well balanced. I'm new to knife throwing I like them I do recommend them.