Cold Steel Knives Throwing Knives

Cold Steel Knives Throwing Knives

This is my second set of these knives they are excellent quality, easy to throw.They have definitely improved my throwing, even though I am an amateur recreational thrower.

My PBT is great to throw and also very cool as a camp knife. I also use it as my EDC here on the farm. There may be more expensive knives out there but this blade has everything I need including durability.

He really enjoyed getting them. He is my son-in-law and collects knives and these were definitely unique to him.

One of the knives broke the first day i tried throwing them. Other two seem good, the sheath is also nice.

I own 3. They have Noooo trouble sticking into an target, hard. The Top curved point should be buried into the target, whilst the handle is pointing back at you at approximately the 9'o clock position.

I purchased my first set of knives after reading the American Knife Throwers Alliance specs on what a throwing knife should look like. I was amazed at how much easier it was to stick a longer and heavier knife. Soon a bought a second set so my friends could throw with me and I have found these knives to be durable and a good value. The sheath is also well made and of good quality.

Love these knives and the sheath/holster fits and works perfectly.