Cold Steel Knives Throwing Knives

Cold Steel Knives Throwing Knives

I bought these for my adult grandson for his birthday. He loved them. They are beautiful and exactly what was described.

I bought 2 sets and I am glad I did. These are well balanced and a pleasure to throw. The sheath is well made and the 3 throwers fit perfect. I am thinking about purchasing 2 more sets.

As shown in the ad (2 large and 10 small) Not so. You get 12 small in a very nice case. I have no problems with my purchase, I received a nice nice set of 12 small throwers. These truned out to be one of my favorite, the quality of this product is outstanding. They got 4 stars only because I feel it was misleading in the photo, the product will prove itself.

Love it. Perfectly balanced, has a bit of weight to it that I prefer. I am a beginner and trying to use straight throws and this knife makes it very easy. Not only is it good for throwing, but it's very handy to have for everyday things or work. I've used it several times outside of throwing and it's been extremely useful.

Good set, right price. Don't really like the sheath. Learning and trying to do a straight throw where these have to spin. They're also very light, which for me I don't like but others mother actually loves them.

Good Intro, but adding a little of my own style.

Well balanced knife with a comfortable grip. Very good for beginners like myself.

I am a novice knife thrower and this is a very good knife for beginners.