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Exactly as described. Great little tool.

Exactly as described. Great little tool.

Exactly as described. Great little unit Thanks again

By Jimmy V.
Tool Logic SL Pro Silver - Combo Knife with Light/Firestarter

The tool logic came with a pocket clip, fire starter, sharpener, with a small led light on each, they fit in handle so you can see what your cutting, or you can take them out to use like a flash light pretty cool. The knife is very sharp on one side with half serrated. Also there is a whistle in the handle that's cool and loud. The blade was hard to close with one hand but is getting better with use. All in all it's got a good heft and feel and is a worthy blade to have in your pocket I'm keeping mine.

By C D T.
Tool Logic Magnetic Light, Black Body w/Translucent Black Sleeve, Tin

Bought this mini-light to replace one I lost, for which I still had the metal case (which is a lot easier to carry than the bulbous plastic case they sell now). Popped out the working part, popped it in my old case, and everything is back to normal. I do wish the designer had designed in some sort of detente or keyway so the light wouldn't turn on in your pocket and drain the batteries, but so far I haven't found one with that feature.

By Mick G.
Tool Logic Credit Card Companion

Very nice little multi-tool. You never know when you might need something like that. It is good to have around. I would buy this item again!

By Terry P.
Tool Logic Credit Card Companion

Its nice to have a knife in my wallet. I recommend it to everyone.

By Tony T.
Tool Logic - SL Survival Tool w/LED Flashlight

Very functional and practical. Both knife and light together come in handy with one small package for both. Great as an everyday knife with the light as great help in darken conditions.

About Tool Logic

Tool Logic

Tool Logic began in early 1994, literally with a dream. This flash of inspiration was to combine all the useful functions of a Swiss army-type knife into a very convenient credit card shape. A card so slim that it would actually fit into a wallet. The idea was simple, elegant and best of all, it worked!

In January 1995, we introduced the original Credit Card Companion and it became an immediate success. It was easy to carry and a joy to use. People responded to the innovative design and the practical value of having a formidable set of tools in a slim credit card shape.

Now, Tool Logic has an entire line of compact multi-tools. Like the Credit Card Companion, some are designed for everyday use. Others are made specifically for golf, entertaining or business. The new SL Series offers an integrated, modular approach to survival/rescue. All of these premium multi-tools need to be handled in person to be fully appreciated for their quality, practicality and ingenuity.

They are all precision engineered and extremely tough for their size and you will find that each component is crafted to be genuinely useful when needed. In every case it has been our goal to pack our tools with as much utility and value as possible. That's why we say they're Built For Life. When you have the opportunity we encourage you to experience Tool Logic for yourself.