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Deep in the Rocky Mountains, the engineers and craftsmen of TOPS Knives are hard at work developing the tactical and survival knives favored by active military, law enforcement, martial arts and outdoors professionals worldwide. Their knives are designed by veterans of those fields who are more than knowledgeable about the unique needs of each profession. Their knives represent the peak of field performance and durability, and they're only getting better and better over time.

We have the utmost confidence in the performance of TOPS Knives products, and we'll show it by backing each one of them with our 60-day money-back guarantee. We know you'll love yours, too.

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Tops Knives Besh G2G Fixed Blade Knife
$134.99 $179.96
Free Shipping
Tops Knives Badger Pup
$84.99 $119.96
Tops Knives FDX-45
$134.99 $179.96
Free Shipping

Recent Reviews - TOPS Knives

By Morrey G.
Tops Knives Sky Marshall TP Fixed Blade Knife

Outstanding knife, sharp, heavy, not a fan of the sheath, clip is not tight enough and cannot tighten sheath enough to keep knife secure enough to make me feel safe with knife not falling out.

By Nicolás A.
Tops Knives Apache Falcon

Very nice I love this knife and the fast shipping good deal.

By Richard S.
Tops Knives Steel Eagle 107C Fixed Blade

Very nice 7" blade shape/design and black traction coating with great sawback topside. Super thick steel with full tang makes a real statement at 13". I really like the feel of the Micarta handle which sits well in your hand. Great sheath too. True special Ops knife.

By Andrew P.
Tops Knives STEEL EAGLE 107E

Absolutely gorgeous knife. Really sturdy and well built while nicely finished. The handle is comfortable and doesn't slide out of you're hands. The knife is fairly heavy so you have power behind chopping and the width on the top of the blade provides a good spot for use with a blunt object. Overall a good trustworthy knife for wilderness adventures if you can sacrifice light weight for guaranteed sturdiness.

By Pedro M.
Tops Knives Mini Tom Brown Tracker, Gray Micarta, Black Blade, Kydex

This knife is heavy, strong, sharp, and the second best thing I've ever held in my hand.

By Tim S.
Tops Knives Baghdad Box Cutter Knife with Black Traction Coating, Plain

Not a terrible knife, but there are better necked knives available. This one is just a little too short to effectively grab under stress without a lot of practice. The "handle" is about 2 inches long, so if you have big hands like I do, you might want to consider a longer knife. On the plus side, it is well constructed and holds a razor edge with no trouble. It's thick, roughly 3/8 of an inch at the spine, and could probably be used for some fairly rough work, if you can get past the negatives mentioned above.

By Paul T.
Tops Knives Moccasin Ranger Knife with Black Linen Micarta Handle and Black Blade

I liked this so much I bought a second knife !!!! It is heavy weight and razor sharp. The properties stay sharp for a long time, but easy to sharpen back up. BUY ALL MEANS....

By Paul T.
Tops Knives Moccasin Ranger Knife with Black Linen Micarta Handle and Black Blade

It has perfect handling !!!! The blade is extended out much further and I have much more reach !!!! It is RAZOR SHARP and the WEIGHT also makes prying very possible without breaking it. This is the best all around knife that I have seen!!!!!!