United Cutlery Collection

United Cutlery Collection

Whether your knife collection is functional or just for fun, United Cutlery has a blade for you. For over 20 years, United Cutlery has produced some of the highest-quality, in-demand knives on the market. As licensed producers of movie and video game replica knives and swords, United Cutlery offers a unique product for knife collectors.

All the United Cutlery knives in stock at Knife Depot are backed by our 60-day, money-back guarantee, so you have the assurance of knowing you're buying top quality that lasts. You'll have a hard time finding more value for your dollar than with a United Cutlery knife from Knife Depot.

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United Cutlery Black Savage Throwing Axe
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Saw a couple of negative reviews on this knife on homemade videos ..... I never had the problems they are talking about. I did notice that the knife was being sold at a very reduced price on some other sites ..... and some people were complaining about quality control there. I had no such issue when I ordered from Knife Depot. It came beautifully and securely packaged ... with a pristine product on the inside and I found an immediate use for it .. to open a new lamp I got in the mail that had tight plastic wrapping around it ... the stiletto knife was just the right dimension to cut the plastic wrap without damaging the lamp pieces. Its a beauty and I really appreciate the care and devotion of Knife Depot !

these throwing knives are very durable i have been throwing these for about 2 years (this is my second set) in that time i have hit cinderblocks straight on and flattened the tips of each one about 4-5 times and each time i use a course sharpening stone and put the tip back and it is almost as good as new even after 2 years of constant use the only way you can tell these throwing knifes are old is that the finish has been scratched up from the times i miss the target. Also the metal these throwing knives are made out on bends if is is put under to much stress rather than breaking like some lower quality throwing knives do . Finally these are not sharp but you do not need sharp throwing knives until you are good other wise you will be sharpening everyday.

The Bowie knife i bought, exceeded my expectations. I dont normally buy knives on the internet, cause i like to feel the balance, craftsmanship and materials before i buy it. This knife is great.

I loved it trying to order more knifes I enjoy quality of every knife I have seen and what I purchased thank you very much

I ordered it on 10/10/16, received it on 10/13/16. Got the email for shipping confirmation on 10/14/16. And that was shipping via USPS from la. to ca. . That's pretty zippy. Great knife for the price. Very imposing looking.

Great, sold but light weight and very sharp knife that is simple to operate.

The knives are very nice, but the board could use some work.