United Cutlery Collection

United Cutlery Collection

Whether your knife collection is functional or just for fun, United Cutlery has a blade for you. For over 20 years, United Cutlery has produced some of the highest-quality, in-demand knives on the market. As licensed producers of movie and video game replica knives and swords, United Cutlery offers a unique product for knife collectors.

All the United Cutlery knives in stock at Knife Depot are backed by our 60-day, money-back guarantee, so you have the assurance of knowing you're buying top quality that lasts. You'll have a hard time finding more value for your dollar than with a United Cutlery knife from Knife Depot.

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A novice to REAL knife throwing..an inductee into the Black Belt Hall of Fame as a 'Samurai'..BUT!!- that is with swords of varying length, balance, etc... Just rediscovered this throwing skill. Harder than l remembered as a teen, but these are 'real' throwers! This particular set of 3 from United Cutlery, is AWESOME! At first was concerned about length and weight. But for a re-learner or novice a GREAT set to begin. They are live double edged blade, with spear tip, [SHARP!!] and very sturdy. l started; missing 100% of say 1st 20 throws. Then l thought of weight, finesse in strength of throw, to flips per foot, etc...and l would like stress, like any other weapon, you must master your breathing with your tension in your 'throw'. The more you sync your breathing with your release, the more likely you'll be relaxed and 'throwing a knife with authority', vs, 'flinging a knife towards a hopeful target'. l tried handle, and blade approaches to 'see' what felt natural to me. Everyone says the edges should b dull. l disagree. You want a knife for throeing, accurately and sticking 100% of time. Which will take some some time! l highly recommend this set for any level of expertise. Sturdy enough for beginners, and perfect for any level up to advanced. The advanced thrower will find these short and light. But they will still love them. Perfect for conceal and carry. Be sure uou have a license to carry in your state. This is an awesome set. Get 2 sets for this price...and you can practice more, and retrieve less. sheath seems durable. l replaced the snap closure for Velcro...easier to get to..... Would definitely recommend as gift or in general. Caution with teens..they ARE NOT A TOY and should be treated with the same respect you do you carry weapon! TY, Knife Depot for a great product!

As usual, it was exactly as advertised. The shipping was prompt.

Good blade with nice features for the price. Very useful, and already field tested. Used it to cut down a 3" tree, blade held up well.

The best machete ever. Love this for getting into coconuts. It came sharp but we were able to get it very sharp and it's kept it's edge through over 50 coconuts. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Holds plenty of knives and they will not get banged up or scratched.

I have to give this 4 stars because it came in with one of the retention pieces torn so it will not store all the knives it is supposed to - but other than that it is great.

The knife is a great tool to have when you need kilning for starting a fire and is great for clearing the hiking trail as you go.

Bought these great throwing knives a few months ago. But didn't have the space at the time to practice. But now I set up a wooden board with cork board outside and started practicing a few days ago and absolutely love the knives. Great quality and quite sharp even after throwing them several times.