United Cutlery Collection

United Cutlery Collection

Whether your knife collection is functional or just for fun, United Cutlery has a blade for you. For over 20 years, United Cutlery has produced some of the highest-quality, in-demand knives on the market. As licensed producers of movie and video game replica knives and swords, United Cutlery offers a unique product for knife collectors.

All the United Cutlery knives in stock at Knife Depot are backed by our 60-day, money-back guarantee, so you have the assurance of knowing you're buying top quality that lasts. You'll have a hard time finding more value for your dollar than with a United Cutlery knife from Knife Depot.

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This isn't razor sharp or even sharp at all. United cutlery lies alot about their dull blades. I suggest you don't try to sharpen this at all. As a spike/dart it is great. It is made for stabbing and is great for that purpose. The sheath is ok at best and the shoulder harness serves the trash can better. I do recommend it though as a good spike.

Nice knife opens smoothly good point and solid lock sharp and well made

I am a novice knife thrower and this is a very good knife for beginners.

I enjoy collecting all types of knives and I definitely love this piece in my collection. I will order again. thumbs up!!

Great looking knife, very comfortable and practical. It has a different grade of steel. It's not Aus 8 like it says in the description. I was disappointed to see that it has 7CR13 steel. The description should be changed.

Amazing !!!! Best gift ever !

Net, well balanced tool for the outdoors that is well above others.

As a former hobbyist of knife throwing from years ago; i put throwing on the back burner while earning my rank in Combat Martial Arts. Now having reached my Master's level and truth be told, really putting it all together, and being inducted in the Black Belt Hall of Fame; l felt l need be familiar again with knife throwing on a survival level, and not just proficient with varying sword lengths, weights, and shapes. These throwers from United Cutlery are amazing. Especially at the price AND especially made from high carbon (1055) steel-thus they can take a real 'beating'. They heavy and sturdy for only just over 8.5 inches overall length. They carry a sturdy, satisfying thud' when you stick them. They lose their black coating at the spear point, (a point very well forged for sticking) they have a double edge, not too sharp, but if you are a blade thrower vs handle, you will eventually cut yourself. That can be easily remedied by just running a file down about an inch short of the tip. l preferred to keep the edges. They are near perfectly balanced at juncture of handle and blade; near middle. This set of three is great for any level of expertise. And since they are rather short (8.75 in) they carry a 'wallop' and are easy for conceal and carry. They come come with a fairly decent thick fabric sheath; pocket for ea blade; and will carry well, but the corner studs will come out-of no consequence. The fashion of the sheath is unharmed. I would recommend these throwers to everyone interested in learning or perfecting their art. yes, 'throwing is not only a skill, it is also an Art. highly recommended for the price!! They are so fun to throw l bought another set. Try them. Stay away from any SS in that even 440 SS is still soft when throwing. You will get dings all over the knives. High carbon steel can endure, but 440 SS can not. They bend, chip and break. Not these throwers. l give them 5 stars! Thank you United Cutlery and Knife Depot! Great product, great fun!! Great 'silent' protection!! Not to be taken without serious caution!! GWR 5th Dan (Master's level Black Belt).