Victorinox Swiss Knife Selection

Victorinox Swiss Knife Selection

When it comes to classic Swiss knives, Victorinox is the name you can trust. In fact, a Victorinox Swiss knife is so versatile, it might be the only tool you need. These compact pocket knives and multi-tools are so useful they should be called all-purpose tools. Whether you need to open an envelope or uncork a bottle of vintage wine, you'll find just the implement you need, all folded into a compact package. Knife Depot is proud to carry a large selection of Victorinox knives and multi-purpose tools, so finding exactly what you want is quick and easy. Don't settle for anything less than the best. Choose a Victorinox Swiss knife from Knife Depot.

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Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp, XLT
$224.99 $280.00
Free Shipping
Victorinox SwissTool X with Nylon Pouch
$104.99 $120.00
Free Shipping
Victorinox - Swiss Army SwissChamp SOS Set Knife
$159.99 $200.00
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Recent Reviews - Victorinox Swiss Knife Selection

Good Knifes. Not Great. The block is already chipping. Would purchase again because of the price point.

Perfect size sharp has just the right blades

Bought this for my son, he really enjoys it.

The defining feature of this wonderful knufe is that it is THIN. It is 1/3 the overall thickness of all the other swiss army knives, therefore it fits in my pocket without a big bulge. I have been buying snd using this model for 15 years. I go so far as sew a small pocket within my left front pants pocket to hold this knife in a very comfortable and hidden position.

I carry this small knife in my front pocket 100% of the time. It is not noticeable to anyone, is extremely sharp and is easily sharpened when needed. The scissors comes in handy for all sorts of small jobs. I routinely give this knife as a gift. As for airports - this knife is legal - but - TSA does not always recognize that fact and you can't argue with the government. I absolutely love this knife.

This little steel really surprised me. It brought my blades right back to proper sharpness very quickly. Especially my swiss army knives, which have soft steel. SAK blades are very corrosion resistant but can dull out pretty fast under hard use. Their little sharpening steel realligns the edge and restores sharpness without honing, which removes steel from the blade everytime you do it. Remember, your steel should be at least the length of the blade you are working on, so this steel is perfect for most sensibly sized blades. I strongly recommend this little steel. Its small size make it very convenient to bring along with you on your treks.

Fantastic knife with multiple applications

The Victorinox Swiss Tool RS Nylon Pouch is a high quality multi-tool .It is the best multi-tool I now own. I am considering buying another one.

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Victorinox Swiss Knife Selection

VICTORINOX warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the entire life of the knife. This warranty does not cover abuse, misuse or normal wear and tear.