Winchester Knife Selection

Winchester Knife Selection

There's one definitive reason why you can trust Winchester with crafting the iconic knives of the Wild West: they were there. Founded during the peak of America's frontier days, Winchester has brought their expertise and superior craftsmanship into the 21st century, updating classic models with better materials while keeping them faithful to tradition.

And better yet, all of their amazing Bowie knives, pocketknives, multi-tools, and more are backed by our 60-day money-back guarantee, which makes it that much easier for you to finally have a functional piece of American history in your pocket.

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It got here fast, just like I ordered it.

Great knife rugged and durable. Holds an edge well I've had this knife for 10 years it has done camping chores from the forest of the Pacific north west as well as serving as a fishing utility knife in harsh salt water environments without missing a beat.

Awesome knife surgical steel blade is strong and durable and holds edge

I purchased this knife as a gift for my fathers birthday so it was based on looks to be displayed. After receiving the knife I realized that this knife quality is very good overall. Blade quality is excellent and the handle was also good

Good knowing knife. Looks like it will hold an edge.

I bought this knife as pretty much an "impulse purchase;" I had a Bowie knife years ago, when I was serving in Southeast Asia, and this one looked pretty good. It more than looks good, it is pretty much a work of art. (I would have gone 5 stars if the brass hilt was brazed to the blade.) I can see a lot of utility for this knife both at home and in the field. Good knife, great price. Thanks, Knife Depot.

My husband purchased a Winchester knife exactly like this one over 30 years ago. He was still carrying it. The blade was starting to get a little dull and the handle was beginning to lose some of its color. So I was thrilled to find another one all these years later. It is exactly like the one he had--only much, much, sharper. We were surprised that the quality is still top notch. There is no doubt that this particular knife will last another three decades!

Not a bad little knife for the price.