Wood Cutting Board Selection

Wood Cutting Board Selection

In addition to being attractive, a wood cutting board has some rather unique and beneficial properties. For instance, a wood cutting board has antimicrobial properties. Studies have shown that a wood board draws bacteria inward, trapping the microbes until they die. This eliminates the periodic sterilization process some other boards require to remain safe. Longevity is another benefit of wood, as is its tendency not to dull knives as quickly. Durable and "self-healing," these cutting boards have lasted for generations. All of these are reasons Knife Depot chooses to offer dozens of sizes and styles for you to choose from. Read the customer-provided reviews about each wood cutting board to help make your selection easier.

Bamboo Wood Cutting Board
$26.99 $32.00
Out of Stock
Prime Pacific Chopping Kit
$49.95 $64.80
Out of Stock
Picnic Plus Pig Shaped Cheese Board
$29.99 $38.99
Out of Stock

The cutting board and knife are in great condition! I ordered 25 units to give out as closing gifts (I am a real estate agent). People love them, and Knife Depot gave me bulk pricing and free engraving with my name, number, and logo. I would definitely recommend these!

Very handy item to have.

By Janet B.
Mountain Woods Multi-Purpose Crumb Tray

This item is great. The cutting surface is much sturdier and broader than our prior tray. Yeah! Fewer crumbs on the counter to clean up!

By Bernadette T.
SagaForm Edge Chopping Block Oak

Very nice but a bit heavy for me!

By Sandra J.
12" x 16" x 1" End-Grain Cutting Board with Juice Groove

It appears well constructed! The product is as described and is very functional.

By Carol W.
Epicurean Gourmet Series Natural Cutting Surfaces, 20 x 15

It is lightweight for its size and easy to clean and dry. It feels as if it harbors less bacteria and mold than a wood cutting board which is important to me. My only question is how it affects the knife edge since the surface is very hard. On the whole, it is a pleasure to use.

By Connie C.
Epicurean Gourmet Series Slate Cutting Surfaces, 20 x 15

I bought it for my daughter's Christmas present so she hasn't received it yet. I'd used one prior to ordering it and LOVED it!

By Joseph D.
Tru Bamboo East and West 14 x 20 Carving Board

A top quality cutting board. I probably would rate it a 4 3/4 star. However, compared to anything someone might buy at a regular department store, hardware store, or WalMart, this is a whole other galaxy of amazing. If that is what you are used to you will be amazed. If you have only used a regular wood cutting board before, you will be amazed. There is an astounding improvement to cutting anything on top of bamboo. It's hard to explain. But it's like a whole other tool. It's a much more solid, supportive feeling, almost like the board is holding the item more steadily and more solidly, than any wood cutting board I have ever used, at home or at work in a restaurant. I think that, really, now that these have been designed, regulations should be introduced requiring all cutting boards to contain at least 35% bamboo. You will be very happy. PLUS, the large size is wonderful, whether you are cutting a tomato in a bit of bliss, as I did last night, or using it to roll out items for baking. I bought a few at once, and can use them all with my kitchen help simultaneously, and there is an audible purr amongst the group as we happily work. Great price for this quality.

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