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At Knife Depot, we know you have a choice when it comes to buying knives, which is why we strive to provide the best buying experience in the knife world. Here's how:

  1. 10,000 badass stock. We carry a huge selection of knives from the world's top brands.
  2. Razor sharp customer service. We have 11 employees ready to take your call and answer any questions you may have.
  3. Free & fast shipping. We offer free shipping on orders over $99.
  4. Free & easy returns for 60 days. If you're not happy with your new knife, then neither are we. We offer a 60-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee with free return shipping.
  5. Highly competitive prices.

It's all about giving you the simplest, most secure way to buy whatever type of knife you need. Checkout what our customers have to say.

"I guess I was still a bit wary of ordering over the internet, but your customer service has gone a long way towards making me a confident buyer, especially from your company. I received the best personal service from you that I have ever received." John P. from Bellevue, WA

Recent Product Reviews

Haven't used knife yet. Seems well made & useful for a variety of things.
David B. from Littlerock, AR reviewed the Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife (Coyote Brown) on Monday
I like the Sharpener. Seems well made & easy to get right angle on each side of blade.
David B. from Little Rock, AR reviewed the Gatco Edgemate Ultimate Diamond Knife Sharpening System on Monday
I was disappointed with this set of knives. First off they were to small and hard to grip for an accurate throw. They wobbled in flight and I could not keep the weight tight at all. These would definitely frustrate a beginner. I don't recommend this set for anyone!
This is a great set of throwing knives, well balanced, easy to grip and has enough weight to do major damage to whatever it hits!
Monty M. from Morton TX reviewed the Hibben GenX Large Pro Thrower Throwing Knife Triple Set on Monday
Great knife, very sharp, but it came scratched. Flips open nicely.
This small knife is actually much better than I expected. It was razor sharp from the factory, extremely light and easy to carry in a front pants pocket. I don't like belt clips, and this knife didn't have one, so that was a plus for me. It locks up tight as a drum with no wobble at all, and is easy to open with one hand using the ambidextrous thumb studs. Closing it again with one hand is a little trickier but can be done with the point down. There is no adjustment for blade tension, but at this price level I don't mind. It doesn't have blade liners, but that's a trade off for keeping it light weight. Overall, an excellent EDC knife, and built in the USA which makes it even more attractive to carry. I strongly recommend this little Buck.Ji
Jim M. from Boston, MA reviewed the Buck Knives Nano Bantam Knife with Thermoplastic Handle, Plain on Sunday
This isn't a bad little knife for light duty tasks like opening mail and cardboard boxes,. I carry it in my front pocket and because it's so light I forget I'm carrying it. It would be perfect to throw into checked baggage for use while traveling. The down side to the knife is that it's not very easy to open or close. Both processes require 2 hands, and the frame lock is difficult to release if your hands are large or your nails are short. I bought it because I wanted a non intimidating knife to be able to lend to anyone without it seeming like a weapon, and it meets that criteria.
Jim M. from Boston, MA reviewed the Smith & Wesson Bullseye Little Pal- Rainbow on Sunday
Excellent service from Knife Depot including high quality knife and fast delivery. The ability to personalize the knife actually triggered me to make the purchase even though I am mostly a window shopper. I'm glad Knife Depot accommodated my knife voyeurism with the website and emails because I'm really happy with the knife.
Tom N. from Opelika, AL reviewed the Personalized Smith & Wesson First Response Drop-Point Serrated Pocket Knife on Saturday
Excellent knife
Thomas S. from Ben Wheeler, TX reviewed the Magnum by Boker Damascus Pocket Knife with Black Bone Handle, Plain on Thursday
Nice blade, to much going on with sleeves (no belt hoop, and a large shoulder strip).
El J. from Kansas City reviewed the United Cutlery Sentry Serrated Tanto Knife with knuckle guard on Thursday

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