Cold Steel Knife Collection

Cold Steel Knife Collection

When it comes to knives, strong and sharp don't always go together. Ultra-sharp, high-carbon blades are brittle and easily damaged, while stronger, low-carbon knives can't hold an edge. With a Cold Steel knife, though, you get the best of both worlds. Cold Steel's innovative manufacturing technique forms a unique blade known worldwide for both its sharpness and durability. By sandwiching high-carbon steel between two layers of stronger, low-carbon material, Cold Steel is able to make a blade that will remain sharp and free from the damage other knives suffer. At Knife Depot, we bring you an extensive collection of Cold Steel knives while also making them affordable. You get the highest level of outstanding quality at competitive prices.

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Cold Steel Knives Italian Dagger
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Very good knife, extremely sharp out of the box, good size & comfortable in the hand. The blade shape is limited to cutting only, so as an EDC it has its limitations. The closing action is a little stiff, needs to be jiggled a bit to get the blade to disengage. Light weight, attractive design.

Great knife for the price. Light weight and easy to conceal.

I thank God I bought this a few years ago and kept it by the bed. Last year, I used it repel a home invader. While unable to stop him, it did slow him down by inflicting head injuries, and this bought us enough time to escape the house without injury to ourselves. Law enforcement picked up the intruder later by literally following his trail of blood. The City Stick withstood hard use very well: after cleaning off the intruder's blood, I noticed that there were just a few scratches on the metal head, and the rubber ferrule was missing. Otherwise it was in full working order, and looking as classy as ever. The rubber ferrule has been replaced, the City Stick is once more standing beside the bed, and peace reigns once more in my home. Congratulations to Cold Steel on an excellent product! I should add that the City Stick is slightly heavy for use as a walking stick, but when the adrenaline surges while facing an growling intruder in the dark, it feels very light.

True to size fits as advertised.

Great knife fit my hand very well holds an edge very well light weight and very durable I have been using it now a couple of weeks no complants at all I have recommended this knife to several people

Great piece! Good quality, well made and worth the price. Had great balance and a keen edge.

Good knife, however would choose non serrated version next time as it gets in the way when needing whole blade. The next size down would be also my choice for carrying in pocket.However still a good Cold Steel knife.

Very good EDC Folder. Blade comes fairly sharp out of the box, sharpening is hassle free. My only real complaint is the material of the handle-it feels a little cheap for a $50 knife. other than that this is a no-brainer. Can take a beating.