Cold Steel Knife Collection

Cold Steel Knife Collection

When it comes to knives, strong and sharp don't always go together. Ultra-sharp, high-carbon blades are brittle and easily damaged, while stronger, low-carbon knives can't hold an edge. With a Cold Steel knife, though, you get the best of both worlds. Cold Steel's innovative manufacturing technique forms a unique blade known worldwide for both its sharpness and durability. By sandwiching high-carbon steel between two layers of stronger, low-carbon material, Cold Steel is able to make a blade that will remain sharp and free from the damage other knives suffer. At Knife Depot, we bring you an extensive collection of Cold Steel knives while also making them affordable. You get the highest level of outstanding quality at competitive prices.

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Cold Steel Best Pal Dagger
$22.49 $33.30
Cold Steel Torpedo Throwing Knife
$22.99 $34.20
Cold Steel Kitchen Classic 13-Piece Knife Block Set
$159.99 $239.99
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Cold Steel Steel Tiger Karambit Knife
$84.99 $130.00
Cold Steel Safe Keeper II Dagger
$44.99 $65.00

Recent Reviews - Cold Steel Knife Collection

Very nice!! What you would expect from Cold Steel- Heavy, good ergonomics and SHARP!! Highly recommended!

I bought this knife to wear if I go running early for in the morning when it's dark or if I'm running somewhere where there aren't alot of people around. I had to shorten the necklace. It is extremely sharp. I hope I never have to use it, but if I do it will definitely serve the purpose.

Very nice knife, but a little large for a pocket knife.

The knives are very sharp, my wife seems to like them.

Fine, just what I wanted to release Longleaf pine saplings from loblolly and gun trees

Well for one it is easy to carry, I have had other items but some were bulky, but good when I go diving and helping a mate with fishing. But excellent item thank you.

It's was a good knife the sheath wasn't too bad as long as had all the way in it was good, downside being it broke at the handle. Would I get this knife again probably not I would prefer a more thicker knife.