Fillet Knife Selection

Whether you're a home cook or a professional chef, filleting can be a time-consuming task if you don't have the proper equipment. From meat and fish to vegetables, such as bell peppers, a top-quality fillet knife makes quick work of whatever you’re preparing. Because of its flexibility, a fillet knife practically shapes itself to whatever you're cutting. This allows you to remove the skin from fish and the ribs from peppers or create boneless chicken cutlets in seconds. Knife Depot carries only the best brands, so you can find the fillet knife that works well for you. Search dozens of knives from Schrade, Smith & Wesson and other famous makers. Then buy with confidence, knowing Knife Depot backs your purchase with our 60-day, money-back guarantee.

Fillet Knife Selection

Just filleted nice catch of yellow perch, outstanding knife. Made easy work of it.

Just what my husband was wanting.

Great knife, professional quality, extremely sharp, and American made. I love it, and if it ever wears out I'll buy another one just like it.

Out of all the fillet knives I have had this is the best knife,it has the right stiffness and blade style,love the handle to,great feel to hand,great knife

The knife is good and has kept it's edge. It really feels good in my hand. The plastic blade cover is perfect for putting in your pack and it is washable as well.

This a very nice knife. The sheath is as nice as the knife is. The blade is very rigid compared to my other filet knives which is ok. This allows me to use it as boner and a filet. The only thing that I have added is a leather lanyard that loops thru the belt loop of the sheath and and around the handle to keep it securely in place. tangwould change, on the knife, is adding a hole at the

I bought the knife to fillet chicken breasts and it works great!

Ok so I received this on friday and used that as an excuse to go on a fishing trip out of a local cattle boat ocean trip. We had a great time and caught a multitude of various keeper fish ranging from 1/2# to 8# fish. When the deck hands started to clean the fish on the trip back I asked the guy cleaning my fish to use my knife. I explained why I wanted him to use my knife, for this review, and he thought it was a great idea. Initially he thought that the blade didn't have enough width and that it would not have the backbone to get through the bigger fish. He shortly changed his mind. In fact he asked to use it to clean the rest of the fish on the boat. I had no problem with that as this is suppose to be a review of the knife and how it works, how better than to allow a deck hand to clean 100+ fish and get his honest opinion. So after about 15-20 fish the blade needed to be honed on a stone, which is not unusual for these guys and their high quality $100+ knifes they use. They did tell me that it took the edge on the stone quicker with less passes over the stone then their knifes normally do. All in all they loved the knife and especially loved the tip that curved on the end for removing flesh close to the tail or skin close to the end of the cut. The only negatives they had were the size of the handle and there was no where to put your thumb when really had to turn or push the blade through bone or a heave piece of flesh. For their use they would have liked a larger handle but when I used it last night and this morning to finish cleaning my fillets and prepping a pork butt for they smoker the handle was fine for me. I am a large guy, 6'5" over 300# and I have really large hands. I love this fillet knife, I will be buying more to put in various tackle boxes and hunting packs.