Fixed Blade Knives

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Fixed Blade Knives
Best Seller
Bowie Knife with Survival Kit
Best Seller
Black Widow Bowie Knife
SOG SEAL Team Elite Knife with Kydex Sheath
$129.99 $190.00
Free Shipping
Ontario Knife (OKC) Blackbird SK-5 Survival Knife
$139.99 $217.84
Free Shipping
PUMA Knives Elk Hunter Staghorn Handle
$174.99 $252.00
Free Shipping
Buck Limited 119 Special Centennial
$264.99 $380.00
Free Shipping
Best Seller
Benchmade 553SBK Griptilian Pocket Knife (Tanto ComboEdge, Black)
$110.50 $130.00
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I've never owned an expensive knife of this size, so I don't have a lot to compare it to, but I do have a lot of folders. This knife is super comfortable to hold and use. I watched a lot of you tube reviews before I bought it. It was this or a BK2, but I just couldn't justify spending the extra money. Plus I wanted something a little bigger that I could baton firewood easily when camping or making a fire at home. The finish is a little rough to the touch, and I feared that might cause the knife to slice poorly, but after the first slice through a log, it smooths out and isn't an issue. Very glad I bought it!!

I am extremely pleased with this knife. The engraving was perfect, not too big or too small. Loved it so much I shall probably end up getting another for a friend.

This is the best knife to add to your collection. It has a super sharp edge and is my favorite knife.

Very nice knife, do not know if I want to use it in the field or put it on the mantel.

So I have been putting this through its paces for a little over a month now. In comparison to the SCHF9, which i like very much for some reasons and not for others, this thing is better in a couple of ways but less in 1. Don't get me wrong both these knives are BEASTS and both chop every bit as good as my SOG Jungle Canopy which is 4 inches longer and weighs about the same. The SCHF37 seams to have been improved on the problems of the SCHF9. First the handle on the SCHF37 is much thinner and less contoured as the SCHF9. The SCHF9 handle was very comfortable for carving tasks but when it came to chopping it did as much damage to the wood as it did to my hands in terms of blisters. This is dangerous in a survival situation. I have Medium hands and i do not use gloves. The SCHF37 has for the most part corrected this. The jimping on the handle is a bit aggressive and for someone that does not use there bare hands a lot, it mite be a bit uncomfortable (like for my Wife's small fragile hands) but i have had no problems. I can feel the aggressiveness of the jimping so maybe I mite grind the edges down just a bit and maybe not. It really doesn't bother me. I chopped with this thing all day Barehanded and no Blisters! So the second thing. The edge is straight not the curved griffin designed edge. I like the straight edge better. It is more useful for fleshing critters to shaving down a bow or whatever it is, the straight edge is just better in my opinion. The third thing is an improvement that i was not expecting. The edge retention or heat treat is much better than the SCHF9. I had no problems with the edge retention on the SCHF9 it was still better than the stainless steels i have but the SCHF37 just holds an edge through whatever! Its just incredible to me but I am a poor boy and I have never had any of these $200 or more knives. I don't think I should have to pay that much for something to get good quality. THIS IS GREAT QUALITY! Especially of the PRICE and EXTRAS! I have beat the Crap out of this knife! Those were the Pro's Now for the Con's. This knife has a slight hollow grind. It carves better but does not split wood quite as well as the SCHF9 but splits wood really well (Hard Oak & Hickory) so not a con but leads me to it. Its the tip. I have been very conscious about the tip when using it. It looks awful thin and is the weak point to this knife in comparison with the SCHF9. I saw one reviewer on you tube who broke the tip of the SCHF37 and so I have been very careful to treat the tip gingerly. I would not dig with this and I have been careful with the size of wood that I choose to split to make sure I have plenty of spine to baton on. The SCHF9 didn't matter. You could not break it. I dig with it or whatever. I even, over the weekend, was in the garage splitting some wood with a friend just comparing the 2 knives and I went to stab the point of the SCHF9 into a log for latter. I was not giving the situation the attention I should have and missed the log completely stabbing the concrete floor with force! AAAHH I knew I had just broken my knife. But to my surprise, believe it or not, I sank this into the concrete 1/16 of an inch into the concrete and chipped out the concrete. Absolutely no damage to the knife at all!!! No chipping no cracking not event a blunted tip!!! Due to the hollow grind on the SCHF37 this would not have been the case. The grind creates a thinner weaker tip. The sheath is not quite as good as the one that comes with the SCHF9 either. So I Still Love This Knife! The fire steel is not the greatest but still starts fire with minimal effort using the striker or the back of the knife. Sharpening stone is great for bush crafting but wont get the blade as sharp as I would prefer it to be for skinning critters but it still is possible. Good Extras! Great Quality! Great Price! Great Knife! BUY THIS THING! You wont be disappointed!! Just go easy on the tip. Hope this was helpful.

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