Muela of Spain Fixed Blade Knives

Muela of Spain Fixed Blade Knives
Muela of Spain Bowie-10-5/8" Stag & Brass Handle
$189.99 $266.00
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Muela of Spain MM-Kodiak 10-A Fixed Blade Hunting Knife - 8.5"
$149.99 $214.00
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Muela of Spain MM-Remate 14" Wood & Brass Handle
$224.99 $320.00
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Muela of Spain Skinner, Stag Handle, Plain, w/Leather Sheath
$104.99 $140.00
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Muela of Spain Apache 12.5"Stag Brass Guard
$159.99 $220.00
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It's a great knife but the only problem was the finger guard was a little wobbly. Other than that it's great and the inscription was very well done. Just had to add a little glue to the finger guard.

Love my new "Army" KaBar knife! It seems to be very sharp, and feels great in the hand. This Fall it will be put to hard usage. The Knife Depot staff were outstanding in helping me get this knife!

This KA-BAR US Army is a great knife at a great price. Solid and will do all camp chores and clean any game! It hold an edge and is easily sharpened. The leather sheath is quality leather and is a long lasting piece of necessary equipment.

I'm a big fan of MTech blades. Their Xtreme series are a great set of reliable survival knives at a great budget price. One of the best parts of these blades are the sheaths! Most low end budget knives come with useless nylon sheaths, but the Mtechs come with very well made nylon sheath systems that have extra cord for tying down and lashing to packs and the best part, a nice pouch that's large enough to put a FULL SIZED Almonds tin in! This makes a huge difference in what you can outfit your blade with and how long it can help keep you alive. If you're just getting into knife collecting or Bushcraft, or prepping, then MTech is a perfect way to start. Then, once you learn about Schrade and other brands, your knowledge will grow as will your collection.

Extremely happy with this KABAR!! Will definitely be purchasing more knives made by KABAR. Also extremely happy with Knife Depot, all my knives will be bought from them here on out.

Very nice little knife. Well made.The sheath is well made too.

The knife is awesome well constructed plus the service at Knife Depot was fantastic an got it to me ultra fast.

Excellent knife. I bought this to carry on wilderness hikes for misc reasons and it's very light weight yet durable. It's well balanced and came at just the right angle/sharpness for usability and blade durability.

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