Smith & Wesson Fixed Blade Knives

Smith & Wesson Fixed Blade Knives

I own several Schrade products, from both the original American company as well as the Taylor Brands versions. All have been great quality. I first saw this on PreparedMind101's youtube page and was hooked as soon as I saw it. When I saw that they were available on here I jumped. Overall I will say that the knife looks and feels just as I imagined it would. It is exactly what I was looking for. I can't afford the Survive Knives GSO 7/7 which is very similar in blade design. This is the perfect alternative. Firstly, Knife Depot was awesome. I placed the order super easily and selected regular ground shipping. Once checked out, the shipping estimate was for 3-3 weeks and delivery date around 11/22/14. I received a tracking number the next day after placing my order and then a notification that it shipped the following day. 3 days later it was in my mail box. AWESOME! I am extremely happy with Knife Depot for their quick shipping. Under promise and over deliver. Can't say enough. My only complaint is with the actual knife. The tip was bent when I took it out of the box. I'm sure I could just send it back and get a replacement but instead I used some pliers to slowly bend it back and then reprofiled the edge of the tip with a stone. It's not perfect but it's close enough I guess. Other than this small issue, the knife is exactly as I expected. If the tip was straight it would have been 5 stars. The sheath is just as cheap as I knew it would be. Not horrible but not great either. (what more could you want for $35?) Also, the sharpening block and fire steel make it a great value. Once I finish reprofiling the knife, take the coating off and buy a new sheath I will have the perfect package. May even get some micarta scales once they become available. Overall, 4 out of 5 because of the defect. Otherwise it is an incredible value for a chunk of 1095 this size.

Good knife. The shape and grind of the blade is easy to sharpen. Thankfully there are no serrations to have to worry about. The back edge can be used easily on a magnesium sparker and to grind magnesium shavings. I haven't had problems with rust. The knife is just the right length to be practical for general woods use such as carving as well as doing household things like cooking, cutting cord, whatever... I've beaten wood with this knife a couple of times and it hasn't broken so far. FYI, This knife is too light for chopping. The problem with this knife is the sheath. The knife can fall out of the sheath if it is upside down. I busted my tip like this by dropping it in a parking lot. However, the carbon steel of this knife is easily sharpened on a cheap sharpening stone or diamond stone and I created a new tip. I just make sure not to have my sheath upside down. However in life you are not always in control of your circumstances, so purchasing a more secure sheath might be a good idea.

Quality beyond compare excellent addition to my collection.

Exceptional knife, one of my favorites.

It's was a good knife the sheath wasn't too bad as long as had all the way in it was good, downside being it broke at the handle. Would I get this knife again probably not I would prefer a more thicker knife.

This is my favorite Boker knife the gripping is perfect.

I tried to get the blade to loosen, by applying pressure from four sides . It stayed straight . I don't recommend chopping down a tree with it . But I believe you could field dress a deer. Could go to your door to greet some unwanted guest? But I'm not suggesting it, but it is a scary looking weapon.

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