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Fury Sporting Cutlery

Fury Cutlery and Knife Selection

When you're looking for a high-quality throwing knife, a versatile machete, or a handy pocket knife, look no further than the Fury knife collection at Knife Depot. You'll find a variety of styles designed for every need, including finely balanced throwing blades and a variety of single- and double-blade pocket knives.

At Knife Depot, we realize that how a knife feels in your hand is just as important as how it looks, so we back all our knives with a 60-day, money-back guarantee. If, after you receive your order, you're not completely satisfied, return it for a full refund of your purchase price. Your satisfaction is our primary goal, and our A+ BBB rating proves we take care of our customers.

Recent Reviews - Fury Cutlery and Knife Selection

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David W. from Manteca
I have had one of these for awhile. Here is the deal. When you first get them they are great. The blade is very sharp. It opens very well. The lever is very easy to activate with one had. It is great for gloved hands. The grip is wide and the finger groves work very well. It is easy to get a firm grip for hard use. For its great grip there is a weight penalty. It's not a light weight knife. While you can pocket carry it, it's wide handle means its best carried on a belt with a sheath of some sort. I've never tryed the glass breaker so I don't know but it seems a litte dull. Easy to fix if you ask me Here's the bad thing. While the components of the knife are very good to great, the assembly sucks. The knife is screwed together in halves. This in and of it's self is not a problem. But because the blade opens with authority (which is great) the screws will vibrate loose. So what to do? I plan on buying another one and taking it apart is soon as I get it (T6 scew heads). Then reassembling it back together with a thread locker. Given the size of the screws I recommend lock tight 222 small screw or nail polish. Nail polish is easier to get so that's what I'll use. After taking the time to reassemble it better than new I'll have a great knife for cheap.
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Holly E. from Birmingham, AL
I got this for my friend as a present for Christmas, he loves it. Just as it was described, and it arrived quicker than the estimated delivery date. Definitely satisfied!
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George K. from Rockledge, FL
I was disappointed with the corded grip. I prefer a thicker handle. The blade is very good though.
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Dan S. from New Mexico
Good little pocket knife, sharp, functional, interesting form. Good for the casual user.
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Bob K. from Elk City, OK
This is a badass little knife! I got it for boating/snorkeling but it is a great hide-out knife as well. The sheath sucks though, too hard to draw. Needs modification, I wouldn't dive with knife/sheath as-is.
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Zach H. from Ithaca, NY
Excellent except for no mention of it's origin country: China.
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Christopher L. from Denver, CO
I bought this knife from knife depot and I really like it. It's sharp enough to shave and solidly put together. I like the size and weight of it and the handle looks classy. This is a good knife for the price.
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Randall W. from Auburn Hills MI
Very nice for the price , nothing fancy but it is strongly made and does it all, good work horse.