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Whether you're searching for a top-quality pocket knife, professional-grade kitchen knives or anything in between, you'll find them all at Knife Depot. With over 10,000 knives in stock, your order ships fast and is backed by a 60-day, money-back guarantee. Find it quickly & order with confidence today. More details...
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12 Employees; 60-Day, Money-Back Guarantee; Over 10,000 Knives in Stock

At Knife Depot, we have a very simple way of doing business: we focus on you. We know buying a knife and finding exactly what you want can sometimes be a headache, so we've made the process much easier. Search today and you'll find:

  • Over 10,000 different knives to choose stock
  • 12 employees ready to take your call and answer any questions you may have
  • A 60-day, money-back, no-questions-asked guarantee
  • Highly competitive prices, and
  • Top brand names you know and trust.

It's all about giving you the simplest, most secure way to buy whatever type of knife you need.

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"I guess I was still a bit wary of ordering over the internet, but your customer service has gone a long way towards making me a confident buyer, especially from your company. I received the best personal service from you that I have ever received."
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John P., Bellevue, WA

The Pocket Knife: Our Best Seller

In the market for a pocket knife? You've definitely come to the right place. Single-, two-, three-, four-blade or even Swiss Army style, you're practically guaranteed to find the exact pocket knife you've been looking for.

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Safe, Secure Checkout

Once you've found the pocket knife or other knives you're after, buy with confidence through our safe, secure checkout.

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"Very happy with product. Exactly what I wanted and was unable to find it locally! Delivery was fast. Thanks!"
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James S., Bloomington, IN

Have questions about the knife you're considering? Click or call. Email us and we'll reply quickly, or pick up the phone and call us toll-free at 800-248-1987.

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Recent Knife Reviews

"Great replacement handle just wish it wasn't quite so long." -William C. from Monroe, OH

William reviewed the Cold Steel Knives Handle Only, Tomahawk, 22" in the Axes category.

"Good service and value. would recommend" -Mike Y. from Calhoun, GA

Mike reviewed the Schrade IMP22Y Imperial Sodbuster Yellow Handle Single Blade Pocket Knife in the Single Blade Pocket Knives category.

"It was just what I wanted for Sunday." -Joed W. from Ridge Spring, SC

Joed reviewed the Schrade Old Timer 18OT Mighty Mite Pocket Knife in the Single Blade Pocket Knives category.

"I got this for my special man to replace one that he lost. Omg he loves it! Always at the ready, and he especially likes how it can be concealed so easily. You can't even see this knife under a t shirt, which is perfect for stealth and all kinds of outdoor needs. A great sticker if it comes to it." -Alison B. from Harrison, NJ

Alison reviewed the Meyerco Necklace Neck Knife in the Neck Knives category.

"I gave this knife 4 stars for the fact that the handle had a green discoloration on it. It would have been nice to receive a knife free of any imperfections. I do not hold Knife Depot responsible for this sort of defect since I would expect EKA to have done a better job on QC before the product left the factory. Overall the knife feels solid and came hair popping sharp. One thing I did appreciate was the price Knife Depot offered the Swede 10 in. Better deal than 90% of their competitors." -C. R. from San Diego.CA

C. reviewed the EKA Swede 10 Orange Single Blade Pocket Knife w/sheath in the Single Blade Pocket Knives category.

"Great little knife. Hair shaving sharp right out of the box. I also have it's big brother, the Model 1 RAT Folder so I expected nothing less. The Model 2 RAT Folder has become my EDC knife for the summer months!" -Rick G. from Wilmington, NC

Rick reviewed the Ontario Knife Model 2 RAT Folder (Satin Blade, Plain Edge) in the Single Blade Pocket Knives category.

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