Karambit Knives

If you're looking to spice up your knife collection, few knives are more exotic than the karambit. The small, curved tool is an ancient pocket knife that has transformed into a modern utility tool perfect for activities like hunting, fishing, home repair, construction and more. With the shape of a tiger's claw and a ring at the bottom of its handle, the karambit enables different carrying techniques for various uses to maximize your productivity and style. Our collection runs the gamut, including folding and fixed blade karambits, assisted openers, partial karambits and more.

Karambit Knives
Evis I karambit
$53.49 $70.00
Mantis Cinq I Karambit
$38.49 $45.00
Fox Karambit Aluminum Folding Knife
$119.99 $142.99
Out of Stock

This is my favorite Boker knife the gripping is perfect.

Straight awesome knife 10/10 would recommend for intense flippy action

Arrived in great condition. Very sharp for a trainer.

This knife is just badass, over the top and I wanted it in my modest collection. It is a bit large for every day carry but I am trying to get used to the different method of use

Solid, sharp and fits perfect and intimidating.

The knife is OK, It's a little cheap but still pretty cool. However the sheath and the straps for it are complete crap! If you're buying this knife expect to not be satisfied with anything but the knife itself, it also comes in the tackiest packaging ever.

Nice knife, but not nearly as sharp as I expected it to be, and it's not an easy design to sharpen. Of course, the very design that makes it a vital part of any serious collection also makes it basically useless, unless you need to rip the guts out of someone/something on a regular basis.

I expected better quality from Smith and Wesson. Basically the knife is no more than stamped parts put together cheaply.