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Other Knives
Flexcut 5" Draw Knife
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Buck Knives Strap Cutter - Orange
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Mantis Jyro
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Pro Tool Chisel Utility Knife, Made in USA
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Straight Razor
By Wayne Z.
Cold Steel Knives Sprear Head Only for 95BOA

Boar spear head works and is sharp as advertised and is a fair price. Any economy-price stamped vs. machined tool has drawbacks, so know what you want. I bought the head only so I could fit different length handles to it as needed. The over-penetration "stoppers" are a plus. Keep a spare in bug out bag.

Doesn't work very well as a knife though it worked much, much better as a spoon.

Pretty cool knife. I actually thought it was going to be a double flip out knife but the blade revolve around having it be one long blade with two ends. Actually seems durable that way. However I'm not sure if the button will be durable to hold it in place. Hopefully.

By W L J.

Well made.

By Kosta I.

Stuff is brilliant, however the postal expenses to Ontario are extremily huge. I will not use Knife Depot next time.

By Keith P.

The handle is beautiful! The blade is excellent steel, easy to sharpen!

I was surprised at the quality for the price. This is good steel, easy to sharpen once that fine shaving edge starts to dull three or four strokes on the strop and it's very sharp again.

Solid well worth the money.