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Clearing brush. Working in your yard. Preparing heavy food. Whether you're splitting coconuts or doing yard maintenance, a machete is a powerful tool to have on your side. This straight-blade knife is large enough to tackle woody brush yet small enough to handle easily. Choose a kukri machete and you'll also have the benefits a curved blade offers, including being a powerful weapon. Buying your kukri or machete from Knife Depot also brings the benefit of working with a small, personal company that's standing by to assist with your machete purchase. Have questions? Aren't sure whether a traditional machete or a kukri machete is best suited for your purposes? Call us today toll-free at 800-248-1987 or email us for more information.

Machete Selection
Bushcraft Machete
$105.99 $155.50
Free Shipping
Cold Steel 17" Gurkha Kukri Plus Machete
$159.99 $330.00
Free Shipping
Cold Steel Knives Gurkha Kukri - Plain
$204.99 $299.99
Free Shipping

Love it !!

I bought this with some reluctance mainly because I didn't like the bright green color, but the affordable price and cool look of this item made me take the chance. This is very strong, and seems like it is built to last. I am happy with this item so much that I bought other items from this company. Good prices for quality items

Reasonably well made and sturdy. My use will be for cutting brush around the yard and light firewood for the cabin. For what I want, it's just right.

Powerful tool, just what this "Woodsman" needed!

Fine, just what I wanted to release Longleaf pine saplings from loblolly and gun trees

This machete was exactly what you portrayed on your web site, and was exactly what I was looking for. Solid full shank that does not bend. Made tough to tackle tough jobs. I am very pleased.

OKC machetes have long been our choice for clearing lines for land survey work. The are durable and hold a good edge. Quality steel makes the difference.

One swing can chop a zombie's head clear off.. 60% of the time it works every time.

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