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Whether you're splitting coconuts or doing yard maintenance, a machete is a powerful tool to have on your side. This straight-blade knife is large enough to tackle woody brush yet small enough to wield easily. Choose a kukri machete and you'll also have the benefits a curved blade offers, including being a powerful weapon.

Buying your machete from Knife Depot also brings the benefit of working with a small, personal company that's standing by to assist with your machete purchase. Have questions about the different types of machetes? Give us a call, shoot us an email, or check out our exhaustive Machete Buying Guide to learn everything you ever wanted to know about machetes.

Machete Selection
Best Seller
United Cutlery Jungle Hunter Machete
$22.99 $29.95
Bushcraft Machete
$105.99 $155.50
Free Shipping
Cold Steel 17" Gurkha Kukri Plus Machete
$214.99 $330.00
Free Shipping

This is a well balanced tool with the weight correct for the cutting swing. The one draw back is the metal seems a little soft though it maintains a sharp blade for a long period. Even cutting trees with a relatively hard core causes the cutting blade to bend. Good thing is that it is easily straightened out with a hammer and sharpened again. The handle gives a great grip.

Great overall build quality, just the right size for trail blazers.

Very nice solid machete looks great and very sharp.

The machete was more than expected. Service was great, will order again.

Love it !!

I bought this with some reluctance mainly because I didn't like the bright green color, but the affordable price and cool look of this item made me take the chance. This is very strong, and seems like it is built to last. I am happy with this item so much that I bought other items from this company. Good prices for quality items

Reasonably well made and sturdy. My use will be for cutting brush around the yard and light firewood for the cabin. For what I want, it's just right.

Powerful tool, just what this "Woodsman" needed!

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