Ninja Sword Selection

If you're tired of poking around in noisy and overpriced gun and knife shows looking for the perfect ninja sword, then you need to check out the sword collection at Knife Depot. You'll find everything you're looking for, from samurai swords to medieval replicas to pirate swords and more. We carry only the finest-quality ninja swords at Knife Depot, so you'll never have to settle for cheap-looking swords and accessories again. Even better, our entire selection is backed by a 60-day, money-back guarantee, so you'll get exactly the sword you need to round out your collection or start a new one.

Ninja Sword Selection

It's a great looking replica! The guard, however didn't fit right. I ended up having to glue it on. I would definitely buy another replica from here.

The sword is very nice, a watermelon didn't make it.

Beautiful set of knives.

By Ethan M.

I received the sword much earlier than expected. When it arrived I was impressed that it got here in good condition and was not broken, it did however have a few small notches in it but that was to be expected. The blade is as they say not vary sharp but you are able to sharpen it. When you take the sword out of the sheath some kind of bondant comes off the sheath and sticks to the sword, but nothing a little cleaning can't handle. If you are a true Naruto fan and wanting to upgrade your collection this sword makes a great add on to any collection and is sure to make your friends jealous.

Oh man, I was absolutely thrilled when this item came in. It's a great replica, and I'm so happy I finally got my hands on one. It was a little dirty when I opened it (smudges & residue), but there was nothing a brief wiping-down couldn't cure.

Makes a fine addition to my collection the blade is a might thin. Not like it would ever see any real use outside my sword stand.

I was disappointed by this sword because it was not sharp despite that Cold Steel advertises its sharpness on its website as a main selling point. The sword appeared to have some minor grime on it as well that was easily removed. However, the sword appears to be well-made and looks like the pictures. Therefore, I am giving this knife three stars. That being said, I would give Knife Depot 5 stars because the Knife Depot price was much cheaper than that on the Cold Steel website and because Knife Depot shipped the sword quickly and in good packaging. In other words, the seller is great but the item is not.

I bought this just for the hell of it, and I love it after a little bit of sharpening I cut through a 12 inch tree with around 6 swings!

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